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Do you love your wealth advisor?

If you’re not close to your wealth management company — take a close look at Return on Life® Wealth Partners.

We look at your life for a very simple reason — because you are flesh and blood rather than a dollar sign. Financial advisors for business owners shouldn’t think that everything you’ve earned in your whole life happens to be their own personal playground.

That’s why nearly 30 years ago, we fashioned our Return on Life® philosophy. It’s a clear contrast to other wealth management companies and your mantra to make the most of your life, not simply define yourself by numbers on a page. Even though you are a business owner, you can attain that balance to enjoy a life well-lived as you experience what matters most.

Your Return on Life® is yours and yours alone.

Wealth is not the only determinant of happiness. Return on Life® reflects all aspects of personal fulfillment — family, friends, health, and well-being — to help you seamlessly pursue greater meaning and purpose. 

Working closely with you, our team will take a truly holistic approach, to help ensure your wealth supports what you value most in life.


Congratulations, Frank Fantozzi!

President & Founder, Return on Life® Wealth Partners

The Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisor ranking, developed by SHOOK Research, is based on in-person and telephone due diligence meetings and a ranking algorithm that includes: client retention, industry experience, review of compliance records, firm nominations; and quantitative criteria, including: assets under management and revenue generated for their firms. Portfolio performance is not a criterion due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Neither Forbes nor SHOOK Research receives a fee in exchange for rankings.


The wealth management company designed for wealth creators who desire a life well lived.

Investment Management

Our well-defined investment process identifies timely and relevant asset management strategies tailored to your personal outcomes, circumstances, and goals. Our team-based approach harnesses our best thinking and advice as we manage, monitor, and adapt your strategy as your life and market and economic conditions change over time.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We employ a holistic approach to managing your personal finances through a process rather than merely through product(s). Together we will examine and assess your current financial circumstances relative to your long-term goals and future aspirations. The main components are:  Learn More »

Tax Planning

Nearly all financial decisions have tax consequences. Our team of experienced professionals can help coordinate the various aspects of your financial plan to incorporate tax-efficient strategies aligned with your overall financial goals.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Preserving wealth from one generation to the next can be complex and time-consuming. Guidance from an experienced advisor can go a long way toward helping to make sure your financial success is shared with your heirs on your terms. We coordinate closely with your tax and legal advisors to help ensure your financial plan reflects your estate-planning needs.

Complete Family Office (CFO)

For ultra-high-net-worth families that need an even further-customized solution to the management of their complex financial areas, we can architect an advisory service that allows for a closer hands-on approach and is like having your own Personal CFO.

Personal CFO

PERSONAL CFOservices coordinate all aspects of your business and family finances to lead your team of professional advisors in an effective, efficient manner in pursuit of your desired outcomes.


Help manage the wealth, budgets, and spending of celebrity high-net-worth clients in the sports and entertainment fields. This entails mitigating common, uncertain, and uneven cash flow while dealing with the unique lifestyle, legal, tax, and wealth management needs of those individuals.


Divorce advisory and financial planning includes asset management, income planning, and estate planning to evaluate the financial implications of a divorce. Also pertains to the division of assets and debts, spousal and child support, tax consequences, and other financial matters to help create a positive outcome from a difficult situation.

Balancing Act® Bill Management

Your monthly bills are received, reviewed, and organized with easy-to-read reports, allowing you to complete your bill payment process in a smooth, orderly fashion so you understand how your money works for you.

Family Continuity

We help you implement strategies designed to preserve the wealth you have built for generations to come. By including your children and grandchildren in conversations about shared values and the significance of the family’s financial assets, we can help family members understand your wishes and carry out your legacy.

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A wealth management company that helps to protect and grow business value.

CEPA/Exit Planning

Maximize business value

Find out how having an advisor on your team who possesses the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation can help you build a more valuable business to help you exit the business on your terms with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

Buy-Sell Agreements/Funding

Protect your family, business, and personal assets

A properly-funded buy-sell agreement provides the confidence that your business and family will be protected if something happens to you or one of your business partners. 

Complete Family Office (CFO)

Manage multigenerational wealth

As your dedicated financial steward, your Complete Family Office team provides careful coordination and supervision of generational wealth planning. It starts with understanding your family’s core values and aligning them with your personal goals, family goals, and career goals. This lays the foundation for how your investments, education, insurance, tax planning, business succession, philanthropy, financial, and cash management is managed, advised upon and executed.

Personal CFO

Coordinate business and personal wealth management

Find out why successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives have relied on their Return on Life® Wealth Partners to pursue their desired Return on Life®

401(k) Prosperity®

Simplify the complex with real people and real answers

401(k) Prosperity®, the corporate retirement planning and institutional investment management division of Planned Financial Services, focuses on best-in-class retirement plan management, fiduciary, and investment oversight to simplify the complex while helping deliver the financial outcomes desired by business owners and their teams.

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Health Insurance

Property, Casualty, Liability Insurance

CPA, Attorney, Bank Referrals

Mortgage Funding, Other Lending Options

Trust Administation Service

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Return on Life® Wealth Partners is different. On purpose.

Since we care about the balance of all that’s important in your life rather than only your bank balance, there’s more to what we do than an ordinary wealth management company. Sure, we have certified investment planners, perform legacy financial planning, and utilize a succession planning process like so many other wealth management companies. But there’s so much more … because there’s so much more to your life than money. It’s also personal, to you and you alone. That’s why we say: “Your life. Your money. Your way.®

Everything we do is aimed to help you pursue your Return on Life®.

This chart demonstrates how we help you use your assets for their highest and best purpose. The concentric circles are organized so that what’s closest to your heart is at the center and everything else is built around what matters most

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FAMILY CORE VALUES – The innermost section = Your innermost cares

We explore what matters most to you and your family and what you want your money to accomplish. Our process begins with the end in mind to align a comprehensive plan to help achieve a life well-lived.

PROCESS – The second layer = What you'll need to meet those goals

We develop and monitor a personalized strategy based on your goals, aligned with your risk tolerance and timeframe. This may help you seize potential opportunities, overcome challenges, and simplify the complexity of managing significant business and personal wealth.

ASSETS – The third layer = Seeking to protect what matters most

Our customized risk management strategies help protect the resources to provide what is needed to your family and to help have access to health resources when needed, all while resolving your most complex challenges to pursue the outcomes you desire.

INSURABLE RISKS – The fourth layer = Putting it all together

As your family advocate and guide, we implement your comprehensive plan — but it doesn’t end there. We continually monitor your strategy and check in through regular reporting and review meetings to discuss what’s happening in your life and what adjustments may be needed to help keep your ultimate Return on Life® in clear focus.

Real people, real partnerships.

Meet the team that seeks to help you attain the life you desire.

Return on Life® Wealth Partners work with you, caring for your needs as we would our own families. We do so based on a single, simple principle: “Do what is right — make a difference in our clients' lives each day — by helping clients achieve what they require.”

Recent Recognition & Awards

  • In 2023, our wealth management company was named a Weatherhead 100 Upstart company for the 11th time by the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. 1
  • Frank Fantozzi – Ranked No. 50 in Ohio in the Forbes 2023 Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list.
  • Frank Fantozzi – Honored as one of LPL Financial's Top Financial Advisors. 3
  • Cynthia Yang – Recognized for the 2nd consecutive year among Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisors Best-In-State. 2
  • 2024 Crain’s Notable Leaders in Finance4

Frank Fantozzi, CPA, MST, PFS, CDFA, AIF®, CEPA 

President & Founder

Joe Rogers II

Chief Operating Officer

Cynthia Yang, CFA®, CAIA®, CIPM 

Wealth Advisor

Chelsea Hussey, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Danielle LeChard, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Joan Borecky, FPQP™

Client Liaison

Jennifer Damron

Client Liason

Jessica Patton

Wealth Planning Liaison

Veronica Kalinski-Adams, EA

Tax Services Coordinator, Client Liaison

Michelle Velotta

Marketing Coordinator

Achieve what you value most in life.

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